what’s the difference between 12GB and 500GB playstation 3?

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Last modified September 22, 2013

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I’ve not too long ago grow to be occupied with shopping for a ps3, but discovered that there are two variations: the standard 12GB and apparently absurdly huge 500GB model. i do know absolutely nothing about computers or reminiscence capacities, nor of the features of the ps3 or the adaptation between the 2 versions. i would like the console merely for enjoying video video games in the identical method because the PS2. i have no interest in on-line options each in relation to multiplayer and the usage of the internet, (which i believe this factor can do).

The Playstation 3 appears a long way extra difficult than its predecessor, so might any person please provide an explanation for to me the options of the Playstation 3, the variations between the two variations and – if in any respect imaginable – recommend which version would swimsuit me best?

thank you, I actually delight in it.


  1. Danny

    I had no idea a 12GB PS3 even existed. 12GB seems absurdly small. This refers to the memory (space/storage) on the PS3. The storage you require will depend on what you intend using your PS3 for. To put this into perspective, the smallest iPod Touch has 8GB of memory. A PS3 will need a lot more and I don’t see how 12GB will be sufficient

    September 22, 2013 - 4:33 am – Reply

  2. Marcus

    If you’re getting it just for playing video games then the 12GB one is for you, 500GB is way too much, plus it’s more expensive and you will never use up all of the 500GB (I have a 250GB Xbox but that’s hardly filled up). Also the 12GB is an SSD (Solid State Drive) not a HDD (Hard Disk Drive), which basically means it has no moving parts, files load up faster, and is cooler and quieter than a traditional hard drive. Apart from storage the two consoles are identical everywhere else.

    Features of the PS3:
    Plays video games (duh) with free online multiplayer (Playstation Network)
    Plays Blu-Ray and DVD movies, and music CDs
    You can add friends on PSN and play games together in multiplayer, send messages and talk on the headset.

    I wouldn’t get the next gen consoles straight away because they won’t have many games, while PS3 has loads available now – I recommend The Last Of Us, MGS4, Battlefield 3, and the Burnout and Grand Turismo series, they’re all great games and are very cheap pre-owned on ebay and play.com (around £5 per game)

    September 22, 2013 - 5:17 am – Reply

  3. Rstrs2402

    To be honest, I would get the 500gb PS3 for the simple reason that 12 gb is not enough. Most games require you to install the data for the game in order to speed up rendering and/or decompress data on the disc and the data is usually 8GB or higher.

    (P.S: Where do they sell 12GB PS3?!!)

    September 22, 2013 - 5:33 am – Reply

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